About Phoenix Revolution


Phoenix Revolution Inc., was founded in 2012 and has developed a simple, cost-effective technology - the Adaptive Infrastructure Water System (“AI:WS”) - to produce purified water from a range of contaminated sources. The AI:WS uses modern and proven reverse osmosis (“RO”) technology in an innovative way that significantly reduces both upfront equipment and ongoing operational costs, while maximizing water production in an environmentally conscious way.


Management Team



Jeremy Lacey
Co-Founder, CEO, President & Director

Mr. Lacey, having been with Phoenix Revolution since its inception, oversees the strategic direction of the Boston-based green technology company. Mr. Lacey, who brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the company, has prior entrepreneurial experience, having founded Wavlite, Inc., the world's first digital media search engine. As such, Mr. Lacey brings a unique and balanced perspective to the table for Phoenix Revolution.

In addition to Wavlite, Mr. Lacey has also served as the President of CyberStationUSA, the largest privately owned online radio network in the country. Mr. Lacey also served as the Chief Innovator for Cinch Labs, an IP holdings company which focused on the energy, communications, and security space. Prior to that, Mr. Lacey was a senior advertising executive for Entercom Communications, Inc. and the Boston Red Sox Radio Network, CBS Radio, Inc. and the New England Patriots Radio Network, and has been an expert consultant for the Gerson Lehrman Group, advising private equity and other financial institutions on matters pertaining to digital media, sales, broadcast media, business development, and strategic investments in the aforementioned spaces.

Mr. Lacey attended college in Vermont, has a strong love of the environment and the outdoors, is an avid rugby player and fan, and strives in all things to do what ought to be done but would not have been done unless he did it he thought to be his duty.


Casey Glynn
Co-Founder, Inventor of AI:WS, Chairman & CTO

With a background degree in environmental engineering from Suffolk University and award winning leadership positions in the past, Mr. Glynn is looking to fill a void by founding a company that can become a innovative force while being financially profitable. Mr. Glynn's design philosophy is to create cutting-edge products that have a beneficial impact on the economy, the environment and the lives of the consumer. This philosophy has resulted in multiple competitions won – most recently the Suffolk University’s New Product and Innovation competition that was judged by thirty (30) of the top CEOs of the Boston area.


Sean Goodwin
Co-Founder, COO & Secretary/Treasurer of the Board

Mr. Goodwin received his Bachelors of Science degree in Communications and has been a jack of all trades in two start-up companies since. Most recently Mr. Goodwin co-founded the TLC Arts and Sciences Foundation a non-profit organization promoting arts to youth.  His experience in launching two start-ups in the past will prove invaluable to Phoenix Revolution in the infant stages of the company and in sustaining the growth of the company in the future.


Mike Cashion
CRO & Director

Michael’s professional life prior to joining Phoenix Revolution Inc. included working with new technology in the area of water, creating new products taken from concept to production that have significant impacts in the cleaning of everything from storm water to small to medium bodies of water (lakes and ponds).  His work with Lane Enterprises allowed him to utilize storm water pipes to treat storm water run off and collection through a series of vortex units that help remove 95% of Total Dissolved Solids, and hydrocarbons from rain run off prior to releasing it back into the environment. 

He continues that work today with Phoenix Revolution by creating environmental solutions that can solve many of the water needs of the world today.  Representing Phoenix Revolution Inc., Michael served on a mission trip to Haiti in February 2016, where he installed a 300-gallon system to clean the local water and to decontaminate small ponds and bodies of water.  He and the team from Phoenix Revolution are providing the needed equipment, to clean just about any body of water that comes their way.

Michael is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Distribution. He currently resides in Morrisville, North Carolina with his wife Jennifer and daughters Katelyn and Claire. 


Our Team


Kevin Bassett

Co-Founder & Media Arts Director
Kevin received his Bachelors of Science in Media Arts & Animation and joined Phoenix in its earliest development. Since then Kevin has used a background in Arts with a strong passion for Science to create visuals that help breakdown the complexities and challenges involved in water purification.