Adaptive Infrastructure Overview


We have a designed an Adaptive Infrastructure solution for our water purification process, rather than relying on an old and outdated static infrastructure model. Our system looks to ease the major pains and frustrations that come with large upfront development costs and maintaining the high skill, high cost labor needed to manage a large water purification system. By utilizing a Modular design, we allow our infrastructure to be adaptable, flexible, efficient, all while reducing cost.

In order to build a Water System that is customized for our clients’ needs, we use a simple Three Stage system to analyze each project. In Stage One the water source is calculated for size, and the client establishes the desired purified water output. Our team is able to build a Grid that will best fit the client's needs. In Stage Two the interior configuration of modules for the Water Systems are chosen based on particular client needs as not all Systems will require all modules based on on-site conditions. The Third Stage identifies the power and operational needs by Color Code for each of the Water Systems. Each Water System Module can be outfitted in many configurations to suit a wide array of power, output and operational needs.

Some limitations do apply, to learn more see detailed sections below.


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