Mission Statement 

Phoenix Revolution’s mission is to overcome the most challenging problems that face our world today, through engineering economic and environmental solutions. Our company strives for the betterment of the worldwide community through innovative products that increase the quality of the earth’s finite resources. To that end, our goal is to expand our ever-increasing range of products to benefit consumers and grow our place in the market, while producing dynamic solutions to problems, on a global scale


             We at Phoenix Revolution plan to accomplish amazing things with this goal in mind. We plan to positively contribute to our communities domestically and around the world. For our first product, we chose to focus on the global water crisis as this will be a defining crisis of our generation for the future prosperity of humanity 

Ocean Desalination

             Ocean desalination allows the OPWS to remove salt and other dissolved solids from the sea water. Using our system anyone around the world can take ocean water and produce fresh water just by flipping a switch. Learn more

Water Decontamination

             The OPWS can also clean polluted rivers and lakes making the water drinkable for everyone. The system can also provide industries with highly purified water to be used in almost any application. Learn more  

Environmental Cleanup

             The OPWS can remove pesticides from the water as well as the soil. These compounds cause large algae blooms that cause environmental damage and produce a green sludge on the surface of the water.