Cloud System Overview


The Cloud network allows us to wirelessly monitor and adjust operational parameters on multiple Water Systems from our local offices. This allows our teams to focus on multiple areas and individually adjust each Water System to meet project goals.


System to System

We have designed a platform which allows us to maintain and operate a whole network of Water Systems, each adapting to their own situation in real-time. Instead of a unit being programmed to stay at a static flow-rate and purification level, our Water Systems can be adjusted daily to meet challenges and overcome new variables. This will allow us to also minimize environmental impact as Water Systems can adapt to reduce strain on bodies of water and surrounding environments.


Client Reports

Client reports will summarize their Water Systems’ performance information in a clear to understand format. These reports will also include past data to show progress over the course of a project’s lifespan. The information provided will let clients understand their local contamination levels, the fresh water output, energy usage, etc. Our teams can add or remove pertinent information for clients to personalize their reports.

System Adjustments

Our Command Hub will display Water Systems and module information for clients. This will allow clients to have further understanding into how the system works and allow for suggestions to be made which better suit their individual needs. Clients will be able to perform restricted adjustments to their Water Systems in real-time. For suggestions, comments and feedback please contact our team.