Command Hub Overview


The Command Hub was designed to be a local nexus for the information gathered from the inner system to our Cloud network. By having the Water Systems’ individual modules process their own raw data, it allows the Command Hub to focus its processing power on maintaining the real-time connection that allows us to manage and adjust the internal systems throughout our network.


System information

The Command Hub CPU was designed specifically to manage the incoming and outgoing information from two independent systems. The first system is the Inner Control Platform which focuses on the inner workings of the Water Systems’ modules. The second system is our Cloud network, which monitors and adjusts operating parameters of each Water System to ensure individual quality and performance. The Command Hub acts as the bridge between our offices and our Water Systems and allows our team to monitor and operate any number of Systems.


Inner Control System

The information collected by the individual modules is used by the Inner Control System to ensure the System operates smoothly and that water quality output remains pristine. If a module reports something that is outside of its operational limit, the program goes through a troubleshooting routine to identify the problem. If the problem is not identified and resolved properly following a troubleshooting routine, the Water System will reduce power until it can be serviced, or damaged modules replaced.


Cloud Control Network

Our Cloud network connects together all of the data collected by our Water Systems and allows us to monitor and operate multiple Systems. This platform allows our teams the mobility and flexibility to react to many Water Systems at a moment's notice. This will also remove the need for individual clients to supply high skilled, high cost labor to resolve on-site issues; reducing costs further for clients.