Highly Effective

The Phoenix system can remove 99.9% of contaminants, including water exceeding 100,000 TDS.

Decentralized, Modular and Adaptive Design

The systems is modular and can scale up, and down, to meet each customers unique use case.


Significant Reduction of Post-treatment Waste Water

Patented technology achieves a market leading clean water recovery rate up to 90%, and the ability to capture concentrated wastewater elements for aftermarket sales.


Lower Energy and Operating Costs

Higher clean water recovery leads to 50-82% lower energy consumption, and reduced system life cycle costs.

Longer Life and Lower Maintenance Costs

Smart and automated operating system enables the operator to remotely control the system to their optimal parameters, lengthening membrane depreciation.


Lower Upfront Capital Costs

The proprietary design and technology enables Phoenix to deliver their system at a significantly lower cost, while the Protektor intake valve significantly reduces pre-treatment spend.

Energy use is low due to patented single membrane batch processing

  1. Single membrane pressure vessel = 100% efficiency each pass.

  2. Batch processing allows waste water rejection with <50 PSI pressure loss.

  3. Minimal pressure loss plus ball valve eliminates the need for a recirculation pump

  4. Single membrane can be flushed quickly, minimizing down time

  5. High recovery rate means less energy per liter produced

Sensors and cloud based remote controls learn and optimize system energy use