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Bacteria, viruses, algae blooms, a laundry list of seemingly endless chemical compounds, and salt. So much salt. These are just some of the challenges standing between us and clean drinking water, and providing clean water to the world is no simple task. In an effort to ease humanity's struggles to supply fresh water Phoenix Revolution has created a simple, innovative, easy to deploy, and cost-effective water purification system. The system has even been designed with Adaptive Infrastructure as a integral focus. This design philosophy enables our Water Systems to adjust their operational parameters in real-time to better reflect the needs of their changing environments.

To place an order and have a system customized for your area, Contact Us. As part of an internal three step process, first Phoenix Revolution will test a water sample from the source of water in your area at one of our independent laboratories. Next, our company will evaluate the test results and translate the data into a simple to use Color Code. Lastly these Color Codes are used to help select from a wide array of modules, which are used to construct a customized Adaptive Infrastructure: Water System that is suited to address the specific contamination at your location.

For details on how the Water System operates and how we build systems that Adapt to your Infrastructure needs, explore below.




Water Purification Process





Adaptive Infrastructure 

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