Modular Design Overview


When designing our Water Systems we approached it with an Adaptive and Modular focus in mind. By utilizing simple design and having small, self-contained water purification systems laid out across a Grid System, we were able to create a system rapidly deployable, adaptable, efficient and cost-effective. The modules are split into two categories, work modules and the Command Hub module. The work modules are labeled with the colored bands Red, Yellow and Green and work to purify contaminated water sources. The Command Hub module (labeled with Blue) is used to process and handle operational data generated by the work modules, and acts as a real-time bridge between the Water Systems and our Cloud network.


Purfication Modules

These Water System Modules are designed to be the work force of the platform. Designated with Red, Yellow or Green, these modules purify the water at the volumes needed by our clients. These units also monitors and processes various information about the different modules contained within.



Command Hub Module 

The Command Hub Module is designed to process the collective information from Work Modules in its local Grid network. There are 9 Work Modules to each Command Hub Module, which allows us to scale our Water System Grids appropriately without overloading the Command Modules. Each Command Hub also acts as a real-time bridge between the Water Systems and our Cloud network, and lets us oversee and adjust Water System operational parameters.