Module Sensors Overview

When designing our Water Systems we wanted to ensure that we were able to collect and process data from our Systems from all its various modules. Using a wide array of tiny sensors we are able to feed information from each module to the Systems’ CPU. In this case, we have chosen to use Arduino boards, small and cost-effect CPUs which are perfect for managing the types of data collected from our Water Systems. These details are then sent to its local Command Hub where it is streamed to our Cloud System. To learn more about the types of sensors we use and what kind of data is being collected, please see below.




An Arduino board is a credit card sized computer which collects and processes information gathered from each individual modules’ sensors. Arduino is not limited to just collecting water data, click below to find out more about these fascinating small computers.                                                                                              


We monitor water pressure carefully to prevent loss of energy as well as to ensure that filters and other equipment are functioning correctly. In the event of a pressure drop, the sensors within the module helps to identify and correct for the drop in pressure.


Flow Rate

Flow-rate is measured to accurately confirm the volume of water going through the Water System. Each platform can use this data to calculate the recovery rate of the Reverse Osmosis membranes. The module can alert the system to increase or decrease the water flow to meet its recovery needs.


Contamination level

Contamination level is monitored by using an electrical current to measure the dissolved solids contained in water. This value of Total Dissolved Solids allows the System to accurately know the incoming and outgoing water contamination levels.



Chemical analytics 

Infrared sensors are used to detect a wide range of non standard chemical compounds.  To learn more on how water chemistry is screened and analysed, or how to target specific chemical compounds refer to the link below.