Drinking water on-board USS Eisenhower tests positive for bacteria

PORTSMOUTH,Va. (WAVY) -- A routine test onboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) at Norfolk Naval Shipyard discovered e-coli and coliform in the ship's water supply Thursday.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard spokeswoman Terri Davis tells WAVY.com that potable water used for fountains, restrooms and the ship's dining facilities on the ship have been secured.

Davis also says water coolers were put in place for all personnel on the ship and Pier 5, where the ship is docked, as a precaution.


Clean water activists take the toxic algae problem to Washington D.C.

Clean water activists and Southwest Florida leaders continue tackling the toxic algae problem, in Washington D.C.

The group presented before The Ecosystem Restoration Task Force to store water south of Lake Okeechobee.

he United States Army Corps of Engineers set a schedule for the Everglades Restoration Projects.


Toxic blue-green algae blooms prompt outdoor workers to wear masks near St. Lucie River

STUART — Everyone working outside at the Sovereign Yacht Sales boatyard Thursday was required to wear a breathing mask.

But about a mile down the South Fork of the St. Lucie River, on the Poppleton Creek Bridge, Joshua Gellman was pulling a mangrove snapper out of scummy green water.

Obviously, some people are taking the health threat of toxic blue-green algae in the St. Luce River quite seriously. Others, not so much.


Man's body found in Scunthorpe toxic algae pond

Maciej Dymowski, 23, was found in the water at Ashby Ville in Scunthorpe on Monday, Humberside Police said.

Last week, visitors were warned by North Lincolnshire Council of the dangers of swimming in the pond because of the blue green algae.

Police said they were still investigating the death but could not confirm whether the algae was a factor.


Greenfield won't be last Iowa town to have drinking water threatened by toxic blue-green algae, environmentalists say

Greenfield is the first city in Iowa to warn residents against drinking its water, fearing contamination from toxic blue-green algae.

But it won't be the last, environmentalists say.

Dozens of Iowa cities and towns rely on lakes, rivers and reservoirs at risk for cyanobacteria — or blue-green algae — to source their drinking water.


Worst Red Tide In More Than a Decade Leaves Droves of Animals Dead on Southwest Florida Beaches

The worst red tide event in more than a decade has left droves of dead animals, including an "unprecedented" number of sea turtles, on Southwest Florida beaches. 

According to the Fort Myers News-Press, scores of sea turtles have been collected in Lee and Collier counties over the past week. Hundreds of others may have also died from "this particularly strong red tide event."

"We took in four new sea turtles yesterday," Heather Barron, director of the veterinarian hospital at the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Sanibel, told the newspaper. "Two very large adult male loggerheads and each were over 200 pounds and both were very consistent with red tide poisoning. We also took in a Kemp's ridley juvenile and it was showing signs of red tide poisoning, and we also took in a juvenile loggerhead."


Montana waters tainted by toxic algae blooms

NILAN RESERVOIR — At this reservoir west of Augusta, signs already warn anglers about the dangers of grizzly bears and “aquatic hitchhikers” such as mussels that attach to boats and spread like wildfire.

Now there's a third sign warning of another potential threat.

“Toxic Algae may be present,” it says. “Water may be unsafe for people and pets.”


Crystal Geyser Accused Of Illegally Disposing Of Arsenic-Tainted Water

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The California company that sells Crystal Geyser bottled water has been charged with illegally disposing of arsenic-tainted wastewater, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

The charges don’t allege that CG Roxane LLC sold tainted water, but that it illegally shipped and disposed of the toxic waste filtered from well water.

A 16-count indictment in Los Angeles federal court alleged that Crystal Geyser and two other companies failed to properly disclose the toxic material they shipped in May 2015 and disposed of at a facility not permitted to treat hazardous waste.


New plant filters contaminated water at Pease

PORTSMOUTH (NEWS CENTER Maine)--Stopping the flow of contaminated water is the goal of a new water treatment plant unveiled Friday at the former Pease Air Force Base.

Man made chemicals known as PFAS, were discovered in a major drinking supply well at Pease.

The contaminants have been linked to health problems including testicular and kidney cancer.


Calley declares emergency in Kalamazoo County over tainted water

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley on Sunday declared a state of emergency for Kalamazoo County after high levels of contaminants were found in the drinking water.

“This declaration will allow the state to supply additional resources to help with response efforts and ensure the health and safety of residents in Parchment and Cooper Township,” Calley said in a statement. “State and local officials and members of the community have been working in full partnership to ensure people in the area have safe water in the short, medium and long term.

Problems with the water were discovered on July 26 when test results showed the municipal water system in Parchment, which serves about 3,100 residents in Parchment and Cooper Township, had an unacceptable level of the nationally emerging contaminants known collectively as PFAS.