DNR tests tainted water in Kewaunee County

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – Recent rainfall has left one Kewaunee County couple with tainted water.

Not only is it undrinkable, but you wouldn’t want to wash your dishes or shower in it.

Rob and Erika Balza live about a mile outside Luxemburg. When they went to brush their teeth before bed last night, they saw brown water that smelled like manure coming out of their bathroom faucet. The brown, murky water is also in their toilets.

Living in the country, they say they’ve had these issues before, but say it has never been this bad before. That’s why they decided to immediately contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, who sent a representative Thursday afternoon — along with someone from land conservation — to get water samples tested in a lab for viruses, nitrates and E. coli.