Coonoor residents face water shortage

Residents in many parts of Coonoor are having to come up with a variety of contingency measures to manage the continuing water shortage in the town which has been persisting for more than a year.

Most residents, who have been facing the water crisis from last year are storing rainwater in drums and other water containment units and are purchasing water from private water providers. Some residents, such as those living in Rajaji Nagar and Model House Road, are even relying on a small stream that meets a sewage drain to wash their clothes and vessels, all in a bid to conserve clean water for drinking and cooking.

Jaythool D, an area resident and a flower vendor in Coonoor, said that she relies on the stream when there is no water left in the plastic storage tanks in her house. She says that the stream mixes with sewage let out from other homes, but has no option but to use the water to clean the vessels and to wash clothes.