Defiance County issues statement on drinking water

On June 2, 2016 results of water samples (taken from the Defiance City Reservoir and the Maumee River on May 31, 2016) indicated an algal bloom was in progress in both bodies of water. Blue-Green algae counts while high in the reservoir were particularly high in the Maumee River. Due to the potential risk to water consumers, testing was performed, that same day, by personnel from the Northwest District Office of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to determine the toxicity of the blooms. 

Results received today confirm a small amount of toxins present in the reservoir (0.696 ppb). The samples taken from the Defiance Water Plant showed no amount of toxins remaining after normal treatment. The Maumee River however showed a significant amount of toxins present (19 ppb). This has prompted city and county officials, to issue an advisory for recreational use of this river. Additional information on this advisory is available from the Defiance County Health Department.