Some Louisiana Water Is So Contaminated That Pastors Are Suspending Baptisms

Outside of Washington, and beyond Camp Runamuck in Manhattan, there are still stories out there in the country that are part of larger stories that, in two weeks, are going to be the province of the president-elect and the people that he is hiring. One of those stories is in a small place called St. Joseph in northern Louisiana, where when you turn on your tap, the entire periodic table of elements can come pouring out into your glass. Per the Times-Picayune:

Edwards declared the emergency in the Tensas Parish town after test results Thursday showed elevated levels of lead in two samples -- one from a private residence and one from the Town Hall. Edwards, in a news release, said there were two other sites with elevated levels of copper, both at private residences. The town has struggled with poor water quality for years because of a poorly maintained and deteriorating water distribution system, Edwards said. Construction is underway to fix the current system, but completion is months away, Edwards spokesman Richard Carbo said. In the meantime, the Louisiana Department of Health recommends residents use another watersource to make ice, brush teeth or use in food preparation, Edwards said.

This has naturally complicated matters for poor people whose lives are complicated enough.