Journalists banned from entering EPA meeting on contaminated drinking water


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has shut out media from a meeting led by chief Scott Pruitt who discussed the widespread level of contaminants in drinking water.

Mr Pruitt has said the issue is a "national priority” but EPA spokesperson Jahan Wilcox barred reporters from entering and reporting about it, saying that the media were not invited, according to the Associated Press. When the news agency's reporter asked to speak to a public affairs person, the security guards grabbed the reporter by the shoulders and shoved her forcibly out of the building, she reported.

Others shut out included CNN, the environmental-focused news organisation E&E, and MLive, a Michigan-based news outlet. Mr Wilcox told The Independent that “this was simply an issue of the room reaching capacity, which reporters were aware of prior to the event. We were able to accommodate 10 reporters, provided a livestream for those we could not accommodate, and were unaware of the individual situation that has been reported”.