Sen. Bennet measure would give flood of cash to Colorado Springs-area water districts for tainted water

It's just a drop in the Pentagon's $716 billion budget, but an amendment proposed by Colorado Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet would give a flood of cash to El Paso County water districts battling contamination in the Widefield aquifer.

Bennet's amendment would provide as much as $9 million to reimburse water utilities in Security, Widefield and Fountain for what they laid out in 2016 after learning their drinking water contained unsafe levels of perfluorinated chemicals from toxic firefighting foam released by Peterson Air Force Base.

"This builds on years of our work with the Air Force to address ... contamination and is long overdue for the local water authorities who worked to provide safe drinking water to Colorado residents," Bennet said in an email. "We'll continue to push for its inclusion in the defense bill."