Pardee Homes Fined for ‘Catastrophic’ Runoff into Creek Near Santee

Pardee Homes has been slapped with a $291,286 fine by water officials for allegedly allowing more than 70,000 gallons of sediment-laden stormwater to drain into Sycamore Canyon creek.

The settlement agreement announced Thursday by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board stems from Pardee’s work at the 204-acre Castlerock Weston residential development site next to the Santee Lakes.

“Pardee Homes, a significant developer with a long history of building homes in California, knows better and appeared to ignore both common sense and prudent sediment management practices by conducting significant grading during the 2016-2017 rainy season, resulting in catastrophic erosion and sediment runoff,” said Laurie Walsh, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board’s stormwater program manager. “This was in direct contradiction to a Storm Water Pollution Management Plan they had on file for this project.”