The OPWS: Fresh Water Series 


Water decontamination cleans fresh water sources that are contaminated from various sources. The OPWS unit produces distilled quality water with 99% of microorganisms removed. 

In applications where the OPWS is doing environmental cleaning, the distilled water acts like a sponge adsorbing all of the compounds it can. Contaminates in the soil transfer to the water via osmosis, and the water is cleaned once again. 


F-Series Ocean Pure Water Systems are used for ocean desalination and high contaminate water. Each Unit can produce between 5,000-50,000 gpd and can work with most industry standard power sources.  Water is purified by 0.5-micron filtration shield,  UV-C decontamination, bw-reverse osmosis. 


F-Series Specifications

Gpd – 5,000-50,000

Concentration – 1,000-5,000

Power source – Electric, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Hydraulic, and Solar

Honeycombs – 1


Gpd: 5,000 (Rural) 50,000 (Urban)

Concentration: 2,000-5,000

Power source: Hydraulic or Solar

Honeycomb: 1


Possible Projects:


Ocean Water to

Drinking Water, Industrial feed-stock, non-potable water.