Post-Treatment Overview

Post-Treatment puts our water through the last phase of treatment and allows our clients to customize their water output to their particular needs. Water coming out of Purification is chemically “blank,” meaning that 99% of the substances and chemicals both unhealthy and beneficial have been removed. It is at this stage where your water can receive Anti Scalant, pH adjustment, fluoridation treatment, etc. The customer is allowed to build their own water quality profile from the ground up based on individual needs and circumstances.


Ion Exchange

In this last stage of treatment, the last of the unwanted chemical compounds leftover from the Purification process are removed. Some compounds such as ammonium are not removed by the Reverse Osmosis Purification process. This technology targets these compounds by forcing them to bond with cations or anion resins and filtered out of the final product.





Sometimes when hard water is an issue, scale buildup can occur in pipes. This chemical addition prevents the formation of scale by preventing hard chemicals like bicarbonate and calcium from clumping and adhering to pipe interiors.