Pre-Treatment Overview


Pre-Treatment stages are used to adjust and filter the incoming water stream so that it is optimal for Reverse Osmosis filtration. In this stage incompatible compounds and undissolved solids are removed from the System before the water can enter the Purification process. This is accomplished by breaking down organic, chemical, and solid materials and passing them through a series of filters to remove them from the water stream that enters Purification.


Ultraviolet-C Filtration

We use UVC filtration technology to help break down organic and chemical material in the water. This technology bombards the water stream with high frequency light and is effective at removing 99.9% bacteria, viruses, and algae that lives in local water sources. This process leaves no chemical trace and eliminates any need to use dangerous and highly toxic chemicals to remove contamination.


Cartridge Filtration

During Pre-Treatment the stream will go through a small Cartridge Filter that removes solids from the water. Each filter is different and is selected to suit the conditions that are found at on-site locations. The filters are used to remove solids and particulates that are between 1-200 microns.


Multi Media Filtration

The water stream will pass through a series of Multi media filters that help remove chemical and organic compounds. The types of filter media are selected and changed based on client needs and on-site conditions.