The OPWS: Salt Water Series 



Ocean desalination removes salt and other dissolved solids from the water. The resulting water is purified ideal water quality, that is also free of dangerous bacteria and other micro-organisms.  


S-Series Ocean Pure Water Systems are used for ocean desalination and high contaminate water. Each Unit can produce between 10,000-100,000 gpd and can work with most industry standard power sources.  Water is purified by 0.5-micron filtration shield,  UV-C decontamination, sw-reverse osmosis. 


S-Series Speficiations

Gpd – 10,000-100,000

Concentration – 5,000-32,000

Power source – Electric, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Hydraulic, and Solar

Honeycombs – 5


Gpd: 10,000 (Rural) 100,000 (Urban)

Concentration: 32,000

Power source: Hydraulic or Solar

Honeycomb: 5


Possible Projects:


Ocean Water to

Drinking Water, Industrial feed-stock, non-potable water.