Water Purification Overview

The Adaptive Infrastructure Water purification System is designed to block and remove contamination from almost any water source. Our systems have been designed to clean ponds, lakes, oceans and even industrial sites.

The Water System removes contaminants and purifies water through a three stage process: Pre-Treatment, Purification, and Post-Treatment. During Pre-Treatment and Purification a custom configuration of smart modules identifies, targets and removes contaminants at the molecular level. The water that comes out of this process comes out chemically “blank,” meaning that 99% of contaminants and chemicals are gone. The water is lacking in essential minerals and beneficial chemicals, which is why we include a Post-Treatment phase. In this last stage the water is reinvigorated with a custom mix of solutions so your water is fit to exact specifications. This process can be deployed to suit a variety of needs such as potable water (what we all drink), greywater, wastewater, etc.

Learn more About Us, see some of our performance case studies, and see below to explore the different processes and treatments your water will go through during the purification process. 



Ultraviolet-C Filtration

Cartridge Filtration

Multi Media Filtration


Fresh Water 

Brackish Water

Salt Water 


Ion Exchange